Sunday, October 3, 2010

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Steven Gerrard is definitely one of the best Adidas Predator X players, and his sheer ability on the pitch is why he ranks higher than David Beckham on this list (otherwise, Beckham would've been higher just because he made the Predators so popular).
Gerrard has spent his entire career at Liverpool. He usually plays as a central attacking midfielder, but also plays frequently as a second striker.
He is known for his playmaking abilities, such as being able to play a killer pass or setting up through a free kick. Gerrard is also a fantastic leader on the pitch, and has been a candidate for the England captaincy. He is the current. When Gerrard is at his best, he is known to completely terrorize defenses, especially since he can not just score but help his team score in many different ways.

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